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Lady Pank – Minus Zero

Monday, January 26th, 2009

Lady Pank is a popular Polish rock band, started in 1982 in Warsaw by Jan Borysewicz and Andrzej Mogielnicki. Its first hit was “Mała Lady Punk” (Little Lady Punk). Lady Pank garnered some attention in the United States in 1986 when MTV placed the video for the band’s single Minus Zero on rotation. The title of this song was translated differently from its original for the English language release; the literal Polish translation of the title is “Less Than Zero” (“Mniej niż zero”).

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Apteka – Synteza

Monday, January 19th, 2009

Apteka is a Polish rock band, founded in 1983 in Gdynia. Their LP “Narkotyki” won “Płyta Roku” (“LP of the Year“) of Gazeta Wyborcza in 1992. The word “apteka” means “drug store” in Polish, and the lyrics of Apteka’s song are often about drugs.

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Ich Troje – Follow My Heart

Monday, January 12th, 2009

Ich Troje is a Polish pop group made up of Michał Wiśniewski, Jacek Łągwa, Magdalena Pokora (aka Magda Femme, 1996-2000), Justyna Majkowska (2000-2003), Elli Mücke (2003) and Wiśniewski’s current wife Anna Świątczak (since 2003). Ich Troje has been one of the most popular Polish groups. They have sold over 1.5 million records since June 2001. In the last two years Ich Troje has given over 300 concerts. Their songs talk about love, betrayal, break-ups.

Budka Suflera – Noc Komety

Monday, January 5th, 2009

Budka Suflera (English: Prompter’s Box) is a Polish rock band which was started in 1969 in Lublin by Romuald Lipko, and, after disbanding soon thereafter, resurrected by Cugowski and Romuald Lipko in 1974 and active to this day.

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